The ongoing war in Ukraine is having a devastating impact and the number of civilians and military personnel who have suffered limb loss continues to grow. Össur has pledged to donate prosthetic products and clinical expertise to Ukrainian people in need and has been awarded a €200,000 Euro grant from the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Partnership Fund to facilitate the accompanying clinical education.

To initiate its support, Össur recently conducted training with clinical experts from Ukraine. They will transfer knowledge related to Össur prosthetic solutions and treatment protocols to colleagues in Ukraine. In partnership with the non-profit organization ProsthetiKa and Ukrainian prosthetic specialists, participants of the Ukraine Prosthetic Assistance project, more than a dozen newly amputated patients will be fitted with Össur donated products in Ukraine in the coming weeks, with further support and more fittings planned in the fall.  

Cooperation with local Ukrainian prosthetists and medical professionals will ensure long-term care for amputees in their local community and elevate the level of clinical education in the country.

“Össur is in a unique position to provide necessary aid to people in need of prosthetics due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Through our focused methodology of advancing the knowledge of local clinicians and fitting patients locally with Össur products, we can contribute to the positive development of prosthetic care in Ukraine for the long-term while also improving quality of life for military personnel and innocent civilians,” said Sveinn Sölvason, President and CEO of Össur. “We are grateful for the valuable support provided by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which will enable Össur to facilitate clinical training and patient fittings for people in Ukraine.”

Thórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörd Gylfadóttir, Iceland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs says that Össur’s initiative will provide valuable assistance to the growing number of amputees in Ukraine that need prosthetic devices. “Offering prosthetics to those who have suffered amputation due to the war, and working closely with local professionals to conduct the accompanying clinical training, is a valuable contribution which meets an immediate need while facilitating long-term rehabilitation care for the amputee population in Ukraine. Össur’s contribution will help improve the quality of life for a number individuals who have tragically lost limbs due to the Russian invasion.”

Össur has a strong purpose centered around providing mobility solutions that positively impact people’s health and well-being and is committed to contributing to the overall progress of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

[Source(s): Össur hf., PR Newswire]