A strategic weighting full torso device, available through Motion Therapeutics, Oxnard, Calif, is engineered to provide supplementary sensory information to the nervous system; aiding in balance improvement and stability in all directions of movement. The BalanceWear (BW300) Balance-Based Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Strategic Weighting Full Torso Device features flexible weights strategically placed in the garment using a hook and loop fastener system according to each patient’s BalanceWear Body Chart Weight Locator.

The device is designed to accommodate patients with balance and mobility loss, including older adults and those with multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke, cerebral palsy (CP), Ataxia, and Parkinson’s disease. The company’s website cautions users to execute clinical judgment if the device is being used by patients with conditions that may be compromised by compression, including patients with trunk wounds, G-Tubes, cardiac or respiratory conditions, ostomy or colostomy, and recent surgical incisions.

For more information, visit www.motiontherapeutics.com

[Source: Motion Therapeutics]