ottobock feetA new fitting solution designed to accommodate individuals with limb loss is now available through Minneapolis-based company Ottobock. The company’s Solid Ankle Cushion Heel (SACH+) prosthetic foot is intended to offer benefits and new features to users at mobility levels K1 and K2.

The product also features a blend of a glass-fiber reinforced contoured core and functional foam. The blend, Ottobock says, provides users more protections against bumps, direct, and moisture. 

The SACH+ feet are marketed in a variety of different heel heights and foot shapes, in order to allow for an easy fit into men’s and women’s shoes. According to the company, the 1S101 offers users a standard foot shape while the 1S102 and 1S103 are slimmer. The SACH+ feet are reportedly recommended for users with unrestricted indoor walkers and restricted walkers.

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[Source: Ottobock]