Joerns Healthcare, Charlotte, NC, has launched a new system engineered to prevent and treat pressure-related injuries. Originally developed to assist in transporting dolphins out of water over long distances, the company’s Dolphin Fluid Immersion system is intended to accommodate patients using wheelchairs, hospital beds, and stretchers, by simulating the effect of floating in water.Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 8.07.36 AM

The Dolphin is also designed to accelerate the healing of advanced stage or multiple pressure ulcers, muscle flaps, skin grafts, burns, and other wound conditions. The product adjusts to the patient’s body in order to promote tissue perfusion and oxygenation, while minimizing injury related to compromised blood flow, according to a recent news release. 

The Dolphin Fluid Immersion Simulation system is comprised of a matress, blue covering, and unit attached at the end of the bed frame. The product fits existing bed frames and uses the same control unit for ICU and Med/Surg, bariatrics, wheelchairs, and stretcher systems. 


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[Source: Jerons Healthcare]