A bed built to accommodate patients at extreme risk of serious injury from a fall or unassisted bed exit is available through Posey Company. The Posey Bed 8060 is marketed with IV post mount brackets that firmly attach the product’s canopy to compatible hospital bed frames, according to the company’s website. The Posey Bed’s enclosed patented mattress compartment is designed to reduce the risk of patient entrapment and is expandable to accommodate 10-inch air mattress types.

The canopy is water-repellent, skin-friendly and durable, the site notes. Additionally, a foam padded A-Frame holds the nylon canopy in place and the product’s four access panels allow for patient care from all sides.  Quick-release buckles lock the zipper pull-tabs for added patient security. The Posey Bed also features ten access ports that include eight tube ports and two drainage ports.

For more information, including compatibility guidelines, visit www.posey.com

Source: Posey Company