DME Repair and Training LLC, Portland, Ore, is offering a repair training and credentialing program for the durable medical equipment industry, according to a media release from DMERT Group.

This new credential is designed to establish requirements and codes of ethics for each individual technician servicing durable medical equipment. In order to attain the credential, a Durable Medical Equipment Repair Technician (DMERT) certification is required. The DMERT certification is a described in the media release as comprehensive competency-based program taught through local community colleges, with a hybrid of online and in-class instruction.

The program reportedly teaches technicians the essentials of repair for all major DME technologies, including but not limited to walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds, lift chairs, scooters, and power chairs.

“The levels of professionalism are constantly raising in the DME industry, and professionally training and credentialing service technicians is a vital evolution toward serving clients,” says Matthew Macpherson, program developer.

The DME industry is joining in support of the DMERT program, including Pride Mobility Products and its family of companies. “We’re focused on the best service and client outcomes in assistive mobility technologies,” says Kristen Kubasko, clinical education and training manager for Pride Mobility. “We’re pleased to be among the major manufacturers supporting this new credentialing program, which likewise is dedicated to elevating technical repairs expertise industry wide.”

The DMERT program reportedly launched February 20, 2015, at Mt. Hood Community College. The training is structured to give students 110 hours of foundational and hands-on experience from basic repair to complex rehab equipment. Job opportunities range from DME providers, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and repair shops to self-employment and entrepreneurship in the area of DME repair and service shops.

[Source: DMERT Group]