bionessNew technology targeting gait training and safety for therapists and patients is available through Bioness Inc. The Valencia, Calif-based company recently announced that its Vector Gait and Safety System is now internationally available and has been installed at Cincinnati Children’s hospital in Ohio and WakeMed Rehabilitation Hospital, Raleigh, NC.

The product is engineered to allow therapists to train patients in overground gait, balance, and a range of functional activities following neurologic and orthopedic injuries or any other conditions requiring assistive gait and rehabilitative training. The System is comprised of an overhead robotic trolley, wireless software interface, and conductive rail.

Patients are connected to the Vector through a harness attached to the robot on the ceiling-mounted rail, according to the company. The robotic trolley receives commands from the software and automatically tracks patient movement or may be manually operated by the health care provider.

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[Source: Bioness Inc]