Quantum Rehab, Exeter, Pa, recently launched a new website featuring information about and usage examples of the company’s iLevel seat-elevation technology.
Per the company, iLevel enables power wheelchairs to elevate up to 10 inches at speeds up to 3 mph, while simultaneously stabilizing the wheelchair via advanced electronics and suspension.
Via interactive media, the website includes in-depth examples of how the iLevel technology helps enable users to remain mobile at eye-level, standing height while operating their power wheelchairs at operating speed, the company reports in the release.
“Users show us that iLevel isn’t just a technology, but a vital complex rehab solution toward daily functionality and quality of life – and the dedicated website reflects their experiences,” shares Megan Kutch, MS, OTR, director of marketing at Quantum Rehab, in the release.
Per the company, the website also serves as an educational resource for clients, clinicians, and providers.
“There have been misconceptions regarding ‘seat lifts’ in the past, from clinical benefits to funding,” explains Julie Piriano, PT, ATP/SMS, director of rehab industry affairs at Quantum Rehab.
“Therefore,” she continues in the release, “we wanted the iLevel website to likewise serve as an educational and advocacy tool when it comes to power-adjustable seat height and its essential benefits in users’ lives.”
Quantum Rehab reports that the iLevel technology is available exclusively on its new Q6 Edge 2.0 power chair, either at the time of order or at a later date, when it can be retrofitted.
For more information, visit www.iLevel.rehab
[Source: Quantum Rehab]