According to Multi Radiance Medical news release, the Solon, Ohio-based company will be adding Pat Karns, MA, ATC, EMT as manager, Western US Sports and Rehab Management. Karns is a distinguished author and lecturer in the area of sports medicine research. Karns’ background reportedly encompasses work with professional and Olympic sports teams in hockey and basketball. The release notes that Karns has also served as an active advocate of national political issues in sports medicine,  working on the legislative committee that facilitated the passing of Senate Bill 09-026 which regulated athletic training.

Max Kanarsky, Multi Radiance Medical president and CEO, articulates the organization’s excitement in adding Karns to the company, “His education, experience, and dedication to patient care will be very valuable in supporting our mission to provide the best possible patient outcomes with Super Pulsed Laser Therapy,” Karnarsky says.

Karns adds that, “Probably the greatest value I have learned in my career is to bring the sense of urgency needed to treat elite athletes in high stakes competition to every patient and client I work with.”

Source: Multi Radiance Medical