Seniors love listening to their favorite tunes, too. Now they can 24/7 with the launch of new features on the GrandPad, including a proprietary radio station for seniors called GrandPad Radio, and a streaming radio app.

These new music features are included free with the growing suite of apps on the GrandPad tablet, a purpose-built tablet designed exclusively for seniors over the age of 75.

“Music triggers memories, whether it’s hearing a song that your dad used to love or that you used to sing to your children, or a song that inspired or comforted you during a certain time in life, the connection and benefits between music and well-being are undeniable.

“Our expanded radio and music capabilities encourage seniors to reminisce, which can support cognitive health, while keeping them dialed in to their hometown news or topics they find entertaining and educational.”

— Scott Lien, co-founder and CEO of GrandPad

The new GrandPad streaming radio app gives users access to music, news, and sports programming from local and national stations. Meanwhile, GrandPad Radio features a DJ who shares news and information about important topics for seniors, conducts interviews with guests, and plays a variety of music genres and artists that are favorites among elderly adults.

These new music features are in addition to GrandPad’s existing curated music collection of more than 32 million songs across 15 musical genres, from which seniors can customize playlists to their personal preferences. 

GrandPad Radio is available 24/7 to all GrandPad users and features a mix of musical genres — from country to big band to jazz to gospel to polka music and more — along with pre-recorded guest interviews. 

Additional Features

GrandPad has been specifically designed around the input of seniors, for their specific needs and technology capabilities. GrandPad offers the following features that can help seniors and families stay connected in a safe and simple way:

  • Ready to use right out of the box — no setup required
  • Enables pre-loaded “trusted circle” of contacts for the senior
  • Built-in LTE (no home WiFi needed)
  • 24×7 always-on, live personal tech support
  • Closed network for greater security (no one outside the “trusted circle” can contact a GrandPad user)
  • Secure internet browsing
  • Video and voice calling
  • Multi-party Zoom calling 
  • Texting and emailing
  • Family photo and video sharing
  • Curated entertainment content, music, and brain games
  • Streaming radio stations
  • Ergonomic design and enhanced speakers and camera

For more information, visit GrandPad.

[Source(s): GrandPad, PRWeb]

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