GrandPad, a tablet designed for older adults, now features a free radio streaming service giving seniors the ability to listen to local AM/FM radio stations.

The new radio application is a part of GrandPad’s growing array of senior-friendly apps, games, and entertainment features designed to keep users engaged and connected. In addition to radio stations, GrandPad users also have access to a curated music collection from which they can customize playlists to their personal preferences, according to GrandPad in a media release.

“Research has shown that music is incredibly powerful in stimulating cognition and reducing isolation and depression. By adding the streaming radio capability, we’re also giving seniors the ability to tune in to live radio stations that can keep them connected to their hometowns or to topics they find entertaining and educational.”

— Scott Lien, co-founder and CEO of GrandPad

“Nearly every day, I’m asked how older adults can stay mentally sharp. The easiest, most important things we can all do every day — regardless of age — is to keep moving and connect with others. Listening to the radio, whether it be music or local news from your hometown touches our hearts, keeps our minds active, and keeps us connected to our community.”

— Dr Kerry Burnight, chief gerontologist for GrandPad

Designed Specifically for Seniors

GrandPad, a purpose-built tablet for older adults, is specifically designed around the input of seniors, for their specific needs and technology capabilities. Per the release, GrandPad offers the following features that can help seniors and families stay connected in a safe and simple way:

  • Ready to use, right out of the box — no setup required
  • Enables pre-loaded “trusted circle” family contacts, photos, and apps
  • Built-in LTE (no home WiFi needed)
  • Closed network for greater security (no one outside the “trusted circle” can contact a GrandPad user)
  • Secure internet browsing
  • Video and voice calling
  • Texting and emailing
  • Family photo and video sharing
  • Curated entertainment content (music and TV) and brain games
  • Streaming radio
  • Ergonomic design and enhanced speakers and camera
  • Transportation by Lyft app
  • 24-hour personal support

For more information, visit GrandPad.

[Source(s): GrandPad, PRWeb]

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