Verily Life Sciences LLC introduces the Liftware Level, which is designed to help those with limited hand and arm mobility to hold a utensil at the angle needed to easily feed themselves.

The Liftware Level features a handle that, combined with a spoon or fork attachment, is able to recognize the position of the hand at all times and adjust the angle of the utensil so that users can eat without fear of spilling, according to a media release from Verily Life Sciences.

“Liftware Level is a utensil designed to specifically address mealtime struggles facing individuals with limited mobility or range of motion,” explains Anupam Pathak, creator of Liftware and Technical Lead at Verily, in the release.

“Designed and developed with significant input from physicians and potential users, we hope this new device will turn the everyday task of eating into a more pleasurable experience for more people living with movement disorders.”

The Liftware Level Starter Kit, available at the company’s online store, includes the handle, a soup spoon attachment, a carrying pouch, a hand strap, and a battery charger. A fork attachment can be purchased separately.

[Source(s): Verily Life Sciences LLC, Business Wire]