The Australia-based company Novacorr Healthcare has announced a product line that includes products engineered specifically to meet the needs of bariatric patients.

Bariatric beds are designed to provide bariatric users “top quality,” says a company news release. A bariatric bed is also designed to “help to maintain the independence of the patient. The motors are powerful enough to handle weights of as much as one thousand pounds. Any equipment that is capable of providing comfort for a person who is bedfast due to excess weight or other physical ailments may mean the difference between staying at home or having to be transported to a care facility,” according to a Novacorr Healthcare representative.

Additional equipment designed for severely obese patients includes bariatric chairs, which are built according to the weight of the patient, as well as their size.

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The company’s website adds that it supplies electric beds and hospital beds with lumbar support to a variety of commercial and domestic clients. It also markets beds designed to accommodate clients with disabilities, older adults, and casual consumers.

Source: Novacorr Healthcare