TripleCare, a provider of telemedicine-based healthcare services to skilled nursing facilities, announces the commencement of services at North Ridge Health and Rehab, a Mission Health-managed community in New Hope, Minn.

North Ridge Health and Rehab, a 320-bed hospital, features a short-term, 58-bed transitional care unit that provides cardiac, pulmonary, orthopedic and neurological support to patients. This unit fosters healing in place, and TripleCare is focused on treating patients in place through its telemedicine approach.

Under the new strategic partnership with North Ridge Health and Rehab, TripleCare will bring physician care to patients’ bedsides, virtually. Its doctors will connect to the facility and its patients using advanced telemedicine at times when North Ridge Health and Rehab’s physicians are not on site, such as overnight, during the weekends, and on holidays. By offering physician accessibility and support during these times, TripleCare’s services are intended to aid in reducing hospital transfers at the community, according to a media release from New York, NY-based TripleCare.

“The new affiliation we forged with Mission Health and North Ridge Health and Rehab further supports the community’s goal to serve their patients in place. By deploying our services at North Ridge Health and Rehab, Mission Health stands to improve its patient outcomes through reduced hospital readmissions. We will work closely as we partner to facilitate the delivery of better care while promoting the helping-and-healing care approach that North Ridge Health and Rehab follows,” explains Dr Mary Jo Gorman, TripleCare’s chief executive officer, in the release.

“Based on the size and number of patients we care for at North Ridge Health and Rehab, we believe this is the perfect community at which to introduce the type of telemedicine services TripleCare offers. Our objective is to better the overall experience for our patients and staff. This refers not only to improving outcomes for patients, but also to affording our team a greater skill set and better opportunity to treat in place,” states Stuart Lindeman, president and chief executive officer at Tampa, Fla-based Mission Health.

[Source(s): TripleCare, Business Wire]