A new infusion therapy that incorporates magnesium and oxygen may have implications for patients who have sustained a chronic stroke or chronic traumatic brain injury (TBI), according to a WUSA9 news broadcast. 

Researcher Bert Spilker, of the Bethesda, Md-based company Relox Medical, explains that the therapy infuses magnesium by way of an IV into the patient’s bloodstream. The introduction causes blood vessels to expand to allow more oxygen to reach the blood. As the magnesium is administered, the patient also breathes additional oxygen through a mask, the news story notes. 

The additional oxygen facilitates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which may assist in rehabilitating the damaged brain cells. “All of the energy from the ATP goes through the enlarged blood vessels, then rejuvenates, reactivates, basically normalizes those cells in the panumbra area,” Spilker says. He adds that the therapy is geared toward addressing the memory, speech, muscle function, and cognitive problems that may still exist following conventional head trauma treatments.

WUSA9 reports that the treatment has been tested in two clinical trials encompassing more than 80 patients. Relox Medical is also reportedly seeking a pharmaceutical partner in order to launch phase 3 studies of the treatment.

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Source: WUSA9