To better refine the identification of sports injuries and assessment of an athlete’s progress during rehabilitation, the Sports Reaction Center (SRC), Bellevue, Wash, reports that it will adopt the Optojump gait analysis system. The equipment is designed to allow physical therapists to assess the way in which an athlete’s body functions and behaves. 

Neil Chasan, SRC founder, Olympic training center consultant, explains, “Human motion happens faster than the eye can see, and so Optojump gives us a better perspective of how the body functions, allowing us to identify specific issues which we can the address here at the clinic.” 

The data reportedly provided by the Optojump device includes insight into the athlete’s acceleration, stride, and power, allowing physical therapists to pinpoint patients’ weaknesses and develop a strategy to address these weaknesses. Chasan adds that the equipment allows his team to, “evaluate athletic performance with a high level of precision…we combine our personal expertise with science to assist athletes of all levels,” Chasan says.

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Source: Optojump