Los Angeles-based Good Samaritan Hospital announces the opening of its 23-bed inpatient acute rehabilitation services to care for patients with severe stroke, brain, orthopaedic, and multiple trauma injuries.

Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services (KHRS), a division of Kindred Healthcare LLC, will provide the management and development of the hospital’s acute rehabilitation services, notes a media release from Good Samaritan Hospital.

“Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services will provide a level of expertise and experience that will allow us to quickly and efficiently see measurable gains in the delivery of our rehabilitation services and reduction of costs while improving our patient care,” says Todd C. Goodall, vice president of Business Development.

The KHRS team will help Good Samaritan Hospital broaden the availability of clinical services, provide stronger clinical outcomes, lower operational costs, and drive a high-performing rehabilitation department, per the release.

[Source(s): Good Samaritan Hospital, PR Newswire]