Ventilation rentals provider Trace Medical and Van G. Miller & Associates (VGM) have signed an exclusive Program Agreement to provide ventilator rentals to the entire VGM membership of nearly 3,100 HME providers.

“Aligning with industry leaders like VGM helps ensure our value proposition is available to as many providers as possible,” says Elliot Campbell, senior vice president of Trace Medical, based in Whitmore Lake, Mich.

“While ventilation is often clinically necessary, the high cost and risk of ownership limit access to the products. More providers are recognizing the value of renting ventilators. Partnering with VGM allows Trace Medical to continue our growth strategy and offer our services nationally,” he adds, in a media release.

The agreement, effective September 1, solidifies the first program of its kind for VGM’s membership community, according to the release.

“Trace Medical has forged a great reputation in the ventilator marketplace, and we couldn’t be more pleased to partner with them to bring cost-effective solutions to VGM members,” states Scott Owen, senior vice president of contracting for VGM, headquartered in Waterloo, Iowa.

“Connecting our community with Trace Medical provides the option of renting ventilators versus purchasing—which is an additional cost-saving measure for members.”

Greg Apostolou, chief financial officer of Trace Medical, adds, “This relationship provides a logical platform for VGM members to access the latest solutions in ventilation technology without the capital burden and do so according to their local and regional market demand.”

[Source(s): Trace Medical, Business Wire]