Simulated Environment Concepts, Miami, a manufacturer of medical, aesthetic, wellness, and slimming equipment, announced that its flagship product, the SpaCapsule, has been incorporated into Neuroxcel’s Comprehensive Activity-Based Strength Training program (C.A. S.T.) to help rehabilitate patients with spinal cord injury, stroke, and other neurological disorders.

"For our technology to prove invaluable in such a tedious and sensitive therapy, speaks volume to the dedication our team has committed to the development of this product; ultimately for the overall health and well being of others," said Ella Frenkel, DC, president, CEO, co-founder of SE Concepts.

Neuroxcel, a strength training facility offering various levels of neuro-recovery therapy, utilizes robotic gait strengthening, repetitive treadmill stepping, weight bearing, and among other things, the SpaCapsule.

"There is no doubt in my mind that wherever in the world there is a person who has pain, wishes to lose weight, or simply wants to relax, the SpaCapsule will soon be available at a location near them," said Ilya Spivak, DC, marketing director, co-founder of SE Concepts.

[Source: Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc via PR Newswire]