An agreement has been reached that aims to grow the reach of the Kickstart wearable neuro-rehabilitation device. Manufacture of Kickstart, Seattle, Wash-based Cadence Biomedical, reportedly has struck a deal with Tennesee-based medical manufacturer and distributor TruMedical Solutions LLC, that will allow Cadence to support healthcare providers across the southeastern United States with its wearable device.

Kickstart is descried by Cadence as a device designed to accelerate walking recovery and functional improvements after a stroke, spinal cord injury, or in association with treatment for other neurological conditions. The core technology of the product is also described by the company as a bio-inspired Exotendon, made to function in much the same was as an artificial tendon that can assist users with stability, leg advancement and cues for proper walking.

Cadence chief executive officer, Barry Hix, says that in the company’s effort to build a national distribution network for Kickstart, the firm considered many paths with which it might reach the market in the southeastern part of the country. As part of the deal Hix says Cadence now is positioned to rapidly expand its footprint and improve the support the company is able to deliver to clinicians.

“Our decision to work with TruMedical is based on their professionalism, established history of success and existing partnerships with many of the nation’s foremost rehabilitation providers,” Hix adds.

TruMedical Solutions chief executive officer Allen Hughes also weighed in on the new partnership’s ramifications.

“In today’s challenging reimbursement environment, providers are asked to improve outcomes at lower costs. We view Kickstart as a tremendous value to our customers, and it is an honor to establish this new partnership with Cadence Biomedical,” Hughes says.

“Kickstart’s innovative functional design, ease of use, and clinic-to-home capabilities provide a tremendous tool for our clinical partners to use in helping a large, complex patient group. As we expand our programs for the post-acute care market, we view Kickstart and their talented team as an important part of our growth strategy,” Hughes adds.

[Source: Cadence Biomedical]