Invacare Corporation reports that it will be sponsoring the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic, slated for September 7 to 12, in San Diego, Calif. According to a company news release, the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic is intended to provide adventure sports and recreational activities such as sailing, surfing, track and field events, kayaking and cycling (hand and tandem), to individuals who have been recently injured.

The release notes that the clinic is designed to complement the therapy offered in daily rehabilitation programs and provides a variety of water and summer sports. The weeklong event sees participation by veterans from all over the nation who have a range of injuries, from traumatic brain injury (TBI) and polytrauma, to spinal cord injury (SCI) or limb loss. At its roots, the clinic aims to provide early intervention for veterans recovering from injury, strengthening both their bodies and improving their overall being and self-worth.

According to the release, participants will develop sports skills and take part in a wide range of adaptive sports workshops, with a key lesson being that having a physical or visual disability is not an obstacle to an active, rewarding life.

Brian LaDuke, vice president, homecare and long-term care, Invacare Corporation, articulates the company’s pride in being a sponsor of the clinic once again, “…The Clinic helps participants to develop sports skills that improve their quality of life and realize that a disability doesn’t mean they can’t live life to the fullest. This is something Invacare fully believes and it is crucial to the work we do every day,” said Brian LaDuke, vice president, homecare and long-term care, Invacare Corporation,” LaDuke says.

Source: Invacare Corporation