The 3-day, 270 mile ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) Tri-State Trek will celebrate its 10th anniversary July 20, according ALS TDI news release. The bike ride, which stretches from Boston to Greenwich, Conn, raises money and awareness to end amotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). 

David Virden, event organizer and 5-time cyclist in the event, explains that the Trek is about riding for those who cannot, “Over the years this event has brought so many great people together—from those who know someone with ALS or have lost someone to the disease to those who come to support the cause…We ride to support one another and raise money so that one day, no one has to die from ALS,” Virden emphasizes.

The Tri-State Trek is slated to take place July 20 to July 22 in Newton, Mass, and finish in Greenwich, Conn. According to the news release, the Trek has expanded from 16 cyclists in 2003 to 260 riders in 2011. As a result, a reported $2.6 million has been raised for ALS TDI. Steve Perrin, PhD, CEO, cyclist in the Tri-State Trek, and chief scientific officer of ALS TDI, explains the importance of the ride’s anniversary, characterizing it as both a celebratory event and sobering reminder of the disease’s devastation in patients today, “We want to thank everyone who participates, volunteers, donates, and cheers during the Tri-State Trek. Everyone involved in this event plays a crucial role in helping ALS TDI to advance potential treatments for ALS toward the clinic as quickly as possible for patients today.”

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Source: ALS TDI