OnlyBoth Inc offers the free Home Health Agency benchmarking engine, designed to apply artificial intelligence (AI) technology to Medicare data to enable users to compare and contrast home health agency performance for more informed decision-making.

“We’re bringing this solution to the home health market at no charge so that complete transparency in healthcare can shift from ideal to reality,” says Raul Valdes-Perez, PhD, CEO of Pittsburgh-based OnlyBoth Inc, in a media release.

OnlyBoth uses Medicare data about home health providers, updated quarterly, to highlight exactly how they excel or fail compared to other providers of services. The AI solution transforms data, without bias, on 11,678 home health agencies and 92 attributes about processes, patient experience, and outcomes into language-based statements, to reveal how a provider is doing, where it could improve, how it has changed over time, and where it is best in class compared to peers. Augmented with geographic information, users can also compare agencies within 10, 20, and 50 miles.

“We designed the OnlyBoth solution so users could quickly and easily understand insights about home health agencies in plain English. Agencies themselves can seek out comparative insights to know where to focus improvement efforts, while patients and their families can retrieve the most relevant information about the care they plan to receive,” Valdes-Perez adds.

[Source(s): OnlyBoth Inc, PR Newswire]