Medical code verification software-as-a-service AmeriVeri has recently enhanced its implementation of National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) code edits, helping to ensure more accurate medical records prior to payment.

These edits are applied to the code-verification process to help find errors in medical records and claims before they are sent to payors for payment.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services developed the NCCI, first deployed in 1996, to trim the waste that historically has plagued government healthcare systems, according to a media release from AmeriVeri.

“Data integrity is quickly becoming the most important area of processing and archiving medical claims,” explains Steffeny Brewer, AmeriVeri director of claims management, in the release.

“Coding errors that go undetected are prohibitively time-consuming and expensive to fix. Moreover, errors undermine the accuracy of patient histories and can drag down overall quality of care,” she adds.

AmeriVeri provides nationwide enhanced medical code verification services in the major medical, workers’ compensation, and Medicaid arenas, according to the company.

[Source(s): AmeriVeri, PR Newswire]