Innovative Sports Training Inc, creator of The MotionMonitor system for capturing 3D human movement, announces the release of the software platform The MotionMonitor xGen.

The platform, which features real-time capabilities, is designed to facilitate research methods and provide a way to translate research methods to new commercial products.

“[The MotionMonitor xGen] facilitates new research capabilities like hybrid motion capture systems and complex feedback routines, all while providing powerful, comprehensive analysis capabilities, like multivariate analysis,” says Mona Bhuta, president of Chicago-based Innovative Sports Training Inc, in a media release. “This system allows our users to push the boundaries and dive deeper into their understanding of human movement.”

The MotionMonitor team first introduced the concept of hybrid motion capture systems in 2013, combining electromagnetic and optical tracking for real-time, synchronous data collection of fine motor control movements. The MotionMonitor xGen expands these capabilities to any of the kinematic technologies supported by the system: Inertial Sensors (IMUs), electromagnetic trackers, or camera-based optical systems.

“We’re excited about the capabilities The MotionMonitor xGen provides to reach new markets,” says Meredith Evans, vice president of market and client development, the release continues.

“This platform supports customization of an icon-driven interface, providing the ability to translate research-driven protocols into unique clinical, teaching, ergonomic, and sports applications. We now have the opportunity to offer solutions for new industries, including professional sports, clinical settings, and commercial environments.”

[Source: Innovative Sports Training Inc]