According to a recent news release, Net Health, a provider of software solutions for outpatient specialty care, has announced its acquisition of The Rehab Documentation Company (ReDoc).

Anthony Sanzo, Net Health CEO, notes that the company’s decision to move into the rehabilitation sector hinges on the idea that there are more than 25,000 facilities, making it a large market. “Based on the practice management clinical, regulatory, and financial needs of therapists and facilities, a highly specialized solution is required,” Sanzo explains.

The release states that ReDoc is a standout in the sector as a result of its focus on hospital-based outpatient facilities. “We saw that the quality of their solution was so well-regarded, it was adopted by some of the biggest names in the hospital-owned rehabilitation therapy services,” Sanzo adds.

Bill Southwick, ReDoc CEO, states that Net Health’s culture and customer-focused approach made for a natural fit. “The ReDoc team constantly develops and improves our products and services for an increasingly sophisticated rehabilitation customer base. As a component of Net Health’s integrated outpatient solutions, with a combined workforce of nearly 200 employees, ReDoc now has the opportunity to surpass customer expectations of service, integration, and connection to the broader patient care community.”

Sanzo echoes Southwick’s sentiment, noting, “The ReDoc acquisition allows us to extend rehabilitation solutions to our customers who like us to support more needs of their outpatient facilities, as well as build a new rehabilitation focused client base.”

Net Health is a portfolio company of Spectrum Equity and is advised by Healthcare Growth Partners.

[Source(s): Net Health, ReDoc, Spectrum Equity]