LogicJunction introduces its wayfinding technology, which was recently launched at Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center, including the system’s recently completed Carol Jenkins Barnett Pavilion for Women and Children.

The system includes wayfinding technologies that deliver easy-to-follow directions and real-time information to patients, families, and guests whether they are at home, at the hospital, or on a smartphone via the “LRH GO” mobile app.

The LRH GO mobile app, developed in partnership with IndoorAtlas and available on iTunes and Google Play, is engineered to provide patients and caregivers turn-by-turn directions throughout the hospital using a blue dot, similar to GPS, explains a media release from LogicJunction.

In addition to navigation, the app allows users to pin frequent locations, view hospital events, and receive location-based notifications. Non-mobile users can access interactive directions and maps found within Patient & Visitor information on the Lakeland Regional Health website.

“Technology has the power to connect people in innovative and practical ways,” says Stacy Bolton, Lakeland Regional Health associate vice president and chief technology officer, in the release. “We are so pleased to offer our patients and families this new tool to make access to healthcare on our Medical Center more convenient.”

“We’re excited to be able to offer this innovative wayfinding system to Lakeland Regional Health and its community of users,” states LogicJunction Chief Product Officer Mike Drozda.

“Our goal is to offer easy-to-follow directions to improve indoor navigation and optimize patient experience at world-class hospitals like Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center.”

[Source(s): LogicJunction, Business Wire]