FirstLight Home Care, a provider of non-medical home care with locations across the United States, announces a new partnership with HNC Virtual Solutions, a global telemedicine software company, to offer new telehealth solutions aimed at enhancing patient care.

“This partnership opens up new avenues of care that will allow us to add to our already excellent caregiving services,” says Jeff Bevis, co-founder and CEO of FirstLight Home Care, in a media release.

“Our partnership with HNC is going to allow us to connect patients to clinicians using Remote Patient Monitoring, which studies have shown can lead to enhanced quality of life, fewer hospital visits, and more involvement from family members. This ties in with our efforts over the past few years to introduce more technology into our day-to-day caregiving business.”

The agreement between FirstLight Home Care and HNC Virtual Solutions will allow FirstLight to begin offering HNC Virtual Solutions’ Remote Patient Monitoring at FirstLight Home Care locations across the country.

Remote Patient Monitoring is designed to use technology to bridge the gaps in care among FirstLight’s clients, which could result in a more-connected experience between patients and other care providers, the release continues.

“Our Remote Patient Monitoring is a tested system with proven results, and it will help FirstLight continue to administer excellent home care through enhanced technological offerings,” states Julian Shaya, HNC Virtual Solutions executive vice president. “Those receiving care, as well as their families, will have access to new healthcare options designed to help people live longer, more fulfilling lives.”

[Source(s): FirstLight Home Care, PR Newswire]