Rethink Autism Inc, New York, an educational technology company, has introduced an online resource that gives parents and professionals access to treatment tools for the growing population affected by autism spectrum disorders, the company says.

The company’s methods and resources are based on applied behavior analysis (ABA), a scientifically-validated treatment for children with autism that is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the New York State Department of Health, and the United States Surgeon General, according to the company.

The program bridges the gap between research and practice, and offers a video-based curriculum including hundreds of exercises and training modules based on scientifically-validated teaching techniques, the company says. The site’s assessment tools help parents and professionals design individualized programming to meet each child’s learning goals, while data-tracking systems allow users to track the learner’s progress, according to the company.

The lessons target a comprehensive range of skills in critical developmental areas and address the core challenges of autism: language and motor skills, social and emotional learning, play and leisure, daily living and problem behavior, the company says.

Parents, teachers, and organizations can access subscription services through the Web site.

[Source: Rethink Autism]