Pride Mobility, Exeter, Pa, introduces the updated Pride and Quantum Owner’s Club experience, a social networking site that provides all-new features and resources, and which is responsive to feedback from Owner’s Club members worldwide, the company says.

Designed to provide more value to the owners’ community built over the past decade via Pride’s Web Talk message boards, the new site offers  comprehensive online educational tools and delivers a deeper level of community interaction, says the company.

The easy-to-navigate site looks and operates much like other popular online social networking sites, such as FaceBook, making it easy for users to share pictures, videos, information, and blog entries, says the company. An updated version of the Pride Web Talk message boards is a major part of the new online community, with new features such as condition-specific forums and a “Groups” feature that helps like-minded members share common interests.

Member feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and site registration continues to grow daily, according to the company.

"Our online Owners Club experience has always been unique in the industry,” said Dick McLane, general manager, product marketing, in a statement released by the company. “We solicited the feedback of current members and product owners we had the opportunity to meet at the Abilities Expos across the country. The new Owners Club site is cutting-edge technologically, and is easier than ever to use and enjoy.”

The statement also includes comments from longtime Owners Club member, Mike Slotwinski: “I’ve made a lot of good friends in the Owners Club and have gotten some great advice. The new extras really bring us together as a community. I really enjoy seeing everyone’s videos and photos.”

The company urges people to visit the site to become part of a fast-growing product owners’ community.

[Source: Pride Mobility]