July 13, 2007

The PrimusRSTM clinical evaluation system from BTE Technologies,  has been tapped by the US Olympic Training for use in athlete rehabilitatioin programs at training facilities in Chula Vista,  Calif, Colorado Springs, Colo, and Lake Placid, NY.

PrimusRS functions as both a comprehensive evaluation tool and a strength training equipment device that works by simulating movement patterns and biomechanics. A news release from BTE Technologies states the system is designed to replicate virtually any activity so that muscle performance for a particular task can be measured.

"BTE Technologies has made a real contribution to the sports medicine and rehabilitation services that we can provide our athletes," says Vinny Comiskey, head athletic trainer at the USOC Training Center in
Chula Vista. "We appreciate their support in our efforts to heal and, more importantly, prevent injuries in our athletes on a year-round basis."

The unit at Chula Vista is used primarily by archers, kayakers and track-and-field athletes as well as disabled competitors. At Colorado Springs, it is used by gymnasts, bobsledders, and volleyball players, and at Lake Placid, the system is used by lugers, bobsledders, and other winter
sport athletes.

A BTE Technologies statement reported the system includes highly specific measurement software that allows athletes to evaluate their performance almost instantly, and to make modifications to improve that performance. PrimusRS works by simulating movement patterns and biomechanics, according to the statement, and is particularly useful in working with athletes, where the specificity of measurement
as well consistency is critical.

"The system’s ability not only to replicate specific motions and resistance but do so in exactly the same manner regardless of where the device is housed gives users the ability to develop, maintain and
build a consistent objective measure of performance," Ken Johnson, physical therapist with BTE Technologies, says. "By having the PrimusRS system at multiple locations, athletic trainers can provide the athletes a greater degree of standardization in terms of training and rehabilitation."

PrimusRS has the potential to help athletes head off injuries, according to a company source, adding that as data is collected on how athletes have used the unit to repair an injury, athletic trainers will be able to recognize potential weak spots in other athletes and work with them preventively to develop
their strength.

Source: BTE Technologies