July 13, 2007,

Spri Products has launched a video library packed with individual exercise how-to clips that are free, fully downloadable and available to anyone. The library has 352 total clips that use 28 products.

The video library can be used by retailers as an additional sales tool to use with customers who may be considering the purchase of an accessory product, according to a company statement. A benefit of the video library, the statement continues, "is that consumers won’t decide not to buy something if they are unsure they’ll know how to use it later."

Videos from the collection may also be shown on a computer inside retail stores and used educate customers. "This opens avenues for retailers to tell the customer how to use a product," Adam Zwyer, marketing director for Spri Products, says. "They are now not just salespeople. They’re experts."

Each individual exercise clip is fully downloadable, to computers or any MP3 player, which allows users to create exercise playlists and combine exercises for different types of routines or equipment.

Source: Spri Products