webinarhyrdoHydroWorx, Middletown, Pa, has announced that October 10 it will host a 1 hour webinar centered on shoulder surgery aquatic rehabilitation and techniques. The webinar, “The Power of Water—Aquatic Shoulder Rehabilitation” is slated for 1:00 to 2:00 pm EST, according to a company news release. Veronica Paquette, PT, ATRIC, PRC, is scheduled to lead the webinar, which will address how advanced aquatic therapy can enhance rehabilitation outcomes post-surgery.

HydroWorx reports that topics discussed during the webinar include the physical properties of water and how it impacts the treatment and recovery of shoulder surgery patients. The webinar will also outline how to pinpoint patient populations who can most benefit from aquatic rehabilitation; a discussion of the wide variety of standing, supine and prone aquatic exercises specific to shoulder/upper extremities; and discuss information about the suggested progression of rehabilitation activities.

The release notes that Paquette has practiced since 1990 and is the owner of Essex Aquatic & Rehab Center, Essex Junction, Vt. She is certified through the Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute, as well as the Postural Restoration Institute.

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Source: HydroWorx