Education Resources Inc offers an updated version of “Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation Online” with Dr. Richard Clendaniel, and a newly expanded, comprehensive “Toe Walking: Part A & B – Comprehensive Series” with Liesa Ritchie-Persaud.

Each course was previously recorded during a live webinar or in-person course and can be taken from home.

Newly revised “Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation Online” teaches the latest rehabilitative procedures and evidence-based treatments and methods for assessing advanced BPPV, cervicogenic dizziness, post-concussion syndrome, and more. The course is taught by Dr. Richard Clendaniel, an expert in his field of study and an effective educator.

“Toe Walking: Part A & B – Comprehensive Series,” is taught by Liesa Ritchie-Persaud, an expert in the field of equinus gait. The series consists of two sessions, “Toe Walking:  Part A” which teaches in-depth evaluation and treatment of equinus gait, and “Toe Walking:  Part B” which explores red flags, roles of vision/reflexes and utilizing the ACT.

Individuals can register for “Toe Walking:  Part A – In-depth Evaluation and Treatment” and receive up to 10 CEUs, “Toe Walking:  Part B – Red Flags, Roles of Vision/Reflexes and Utilizing the ACT” and receive up to 7 CEUs, or for both sessions and receive up to 17 CEUs, a media release from Education Resources Inc notes.

“ERI’s on-demand online course offerings provide therapists the opportunity to learn the latest tools and techniques from the convenience of home or office. We are proud to partner with Dr. Richard Clendaniel and Liesa Ritchie-Persaud, both renowned experts in their fields, to bring these exceptional educational offerings to the therapy community.”

— Carol Loria, President of Education Resources Inc

For more information and to register, visit Education Resources Inc.

[Source(s): Education Resources Inc, PR Newswire]

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