PTs, OTs, PTAs, and COTAs have the opportunity to engage in a home study course targeting specific rehabilitation issues linked to the postsurgical breast cancer patient, including decreased shoulder range of motion (ROM) and shoulder pain.

To combat these commonly seen conditions, on its website North American Seminars Inc, a national provider of physical therapy and occupational therapy continuing education, highlights physical therapy and occupational therapy as a key part of treatment for postsurgical breast cancer patients.

The site notes that the home study course will discuss the diagnosis and surgical treatments for breast cancer, the physiological cause(s) of these side effects, and the successful treatment to decreased shoulder ROM and shoulder pain. A case study and quiz will also be provided to participants in order to help summarize the information contained in the course.

Course objectives include the ability to understand the types of breast cancer surgery and shoulder ROM deficits, discuss post breast surgery shoulder pain and treatment for the postsurgical breast cancer patient, and explain the types of treatments for breast cancer to better understand the contraindications of the treatment intervention and their implications on rehabilitation.

According to the site, Carrie Riddock, MSPT, CLT-LANA, authored the course.  Riddock holds a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy from Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia in 1997. Riddock is also a regular contributor/speaker to local area Lymphedema and Cancer Support Groups. She has developed a postoperative breast cancer patient exercise protocol and regularly trained Acute Care PT’s and Oncology nurses in its implementation.

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[Source: North American Seminars Inc]