The Rocky Mountain ADA Center (RMADAC), a member of the National Network of ADA Centers, has launched customized virtual training on all elements of the ADA for those living the Rocky Mountain region, RMADAC’s area of coverage.

For those interested in hiring RMADAC to create a customized training on any part of the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact the organization by filling out its training request form.

RMADAC is offering 50% off its facilitation fee for all customized virtual trainings. One hundred percent of all revenue paid to RMADAC for its customized virtual training will go back into program development, a media release from RMADAC notes.

“We created this new format of training to provide those living in the Rocky Mountain region with a simple way to create and coordinate trainings remotely during a time when a great deal of activity across the nation is on hiatus,” says Emily Shuman, Deputy Director of the Rocky Mountain ADA Center, in the release.

“We are excited to launch our program this week with a large advocacy group in Denver. Our team has the capability to customize training under every title and nuance within the ADA and we are busy scheduling new virtual trainings each day.”

Virtual trainings will be conducted within Zoom or any alternative format customers request. RMADAC can quickly customize a training within any part of the ADA and is currently finalizing virtual group trainings for:

1.    Service Animals Guidelines
2.    How to Request Work Accommodations under the ADA
3.    Disability Etiquette
4.    Title I – Employment
5.    Title II – State and Local Governments
6.    Title III – Public Accommodations
7.    Title IV – Telecommunications
8.    Title V – Miscellaneous Provisions
9.    More

In addition to offering customized virtual training options, the RMADAC also provides free online classes covering many elements of the ADA, the release continues.

“With many people working remotely, both categories of training options could be of interest to leadership as they are conducted remotely and we offer easy access for employees to work on their professional development,” Shuman adds.

[Source(s): Rocky Mountain ADA Center, PRWeb]