Etac, a developer of ergonomic assistive devices and patient handling equipment, and Kalogon, known for its smart seating solutions, today announced a new partnership to bolster the quality and availability of smart seating cushions for wheelchair users worldwide. The two companies join forces to enhance Etac’s Star cushion product line powered by Kalogon’s air management system.

Etac’s range of Star vertical air cell cushions is used worldwide to support individual needs for pressure redistribution. With solutions for stability and positioning in the StabilAir and StarLock cushions, the Star brand is known for blending pressure care solutions with innovation to increase value to the end user.

“Etac has a 50-year legacy of promoting user abilities and independence through our assistive devices, and teaming up with innovative companies like Kalogon ensures we can continue to lead the state of the art in pressure care,” says Magnus Björkqvist, SVP Wheelchairs and Pressure Care, Etac. “Kalogon’s air management systems are a game changer in our space, and together we can deliver the latest pressure care solutions on the market to everyone who needs them.” 

Kalogon’s range of smart cushion products combine machine learning and patent-pending air cell technology to redistribute weight and increase comfort by maintaining blood flow in wheelchair users. A connected app enables wheelchair users, caregivers, and clinicians to personalize their experience based on each user’s specific needs. Early customers of Kalogon’s Orbiter reported significant improvements in overall comfort, accelerated healing, and an ability to sit for up to two times longer. Recently, Kalogon announced the pre-order for its Booster product, powered by its Air Management System (AMS). This controller enhances most existing air flotation wheelchair cushions to control and maintain pressure set by a clinician.

“Partnering with Etac gives Kalogon a competitive edge, leveraging their strong reputation and go-to-market strategies,” says Tim Balz, CEO and founder of Kalogon. “Combining our innovations in smart seating with Etac’s expertise in pressure injuries is a win-win for our businesses and customers.”