Burke Rehabilitation announced it will resume its intensive comprehensive aphasia treatment program (ICAP) with a session in October, after a successful launch in June. Aphasia is a language disorder impacting the ability to speak, read, write, and understand words. It can develop as a result of stroke, brain injury, or neurological disorder.

Burke Rehabilitation will offer this intensive aphasia program through its Outpatient Speech Department at its White Plains, NY, campus (785 Mamaroneck Ave.). The program runs for four weeks from October 2-27, with participants attending five days per week for four hours each morning. Burke runs each ICAP in small groups of four to six individuals. 

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“A quick hello, a word of encouragement, a promise to stay in touch; these are simple verbal interactions we usually take for granted. But for the 2 million or more people who have aphasia in the U.S., the ability to use even the simplest words can be a major challenge,” says Susan Wortman-Jutt, M.S., CCC-SLP, Senior Speech-Language Pathologist and Facilitator, Burke ICAP, Outpatient Speech. “Our program is designed to provide evidence-based targeted recovery methods for people with aphasia, and the results are promising. Participants in our first ICAP in June made substantive improvements in both qualitative and quantitative measures.”

Burke’s ICAP program offers daily intensive language-based exercises along with complementary therapies such as neurologic music and occupational therapy and more. In addition, social workers provide a caregiver support group. The program is best designed for individuals who have already participated in individual speech therapy and are ready for an intensive group approach.

Aphasia is a language disorder that most often occurs due to stroke, affecting an estimated 30% or more of all stroke survivors. It can also occur because of traumatic brain injury, brain tumor, or neurological disease. Aphasia can affect the ability to speak, read, write and comprehend language, while leaving intelligence essentially intact. As a result, it commonly leads to feelings of depression and isolation and can result in unemployment and difficulty maintaining relationships. While aphasia is most common in people who are middle-aged and older, it can also affect young adults.

The intensive comprehensive aphasia treatment program is generously supported by Burke benefactors Barbara and Steven Kessler.

For more information, contact Burke’s Outpatient Speech Department at 914-597-2234 or email Susan Wortman-Jutt at [email protected]

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