Thermotex Therapy Systems Ltd, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, offers a catalog filled with options for deep-tissue infrared heat therapy for pain relief and rehabilitation.

Its infrared therapy systems span a patented range of deep-tissue infrared heat pads designed to relieve pain, promote healing, and
accelerate rehabilitation, delivering FAR infrared thermal energy beneath the surface of the skin.

Deep-tissue radiant heat helps create increased blood flow to where it is needed. The products are user-friendly, portable, can be used over casts or bandages, and are offered in a range of sizes designed to fit on different body parts. They are designed for repeated use, and all models come with soft covers that are machine washable and feature adjustable Velcro fasteners.

The therapy is suitable for many conditions, such as back pain, tendonitis, arthritis, sports injuries, joint stiffness, shoulder injuries, hamstring tears, knee injuries, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, muscle spasms, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Models include Thermotex Platinum, with three flexible panels joined together as a unit that, suitable for the large muscle groups of the back,
shoulders, and legs, and for use on knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, and nap of the neck; Thermotex Gold, a single-element device suited for heavily muscled areas of the back; and Thermotex Professional, which is designed for use on a treatment table and is most commonly
used by professionals to increase overall circulation in a patient prior to treatment.

All systems offer hi-low power settings. On the high setting, the micron range is 9.1089 to 8.7778 based on the range surface temperatures of 45c to 57c. On the low setting after full heat up, the micron range holds steady at 9.1376 based on surface temperatures of 44c. The infrared energy radiates from one side of the pad only, with the hard side of the pad placed toward the body. The padded side does not heat.

[Source: Thermotex Therapy Systems]