Lower limb prosthetics manufacturer Freedom Innovations announces the launch of Freedom Institute of Technology (FIT), its educational branch comprised of live trainings, webinars, and online courses to support clinicians in their practice.

“The Freedom Institute of Technology gives our customers direct access to information and tools they need to thoughtfully serve their patient population.  FIT conveniently shares meaningful information about our products, either in-person and hands on, or through online interactive learning,” says David Smith, chairman and CEO of Freedom Innovations, in a media release.

The three areas of Freedom Innovations are: FIT Forums (in-person, mobile courses presented by clinical prosthetists); FIT Online courses (interactive learning modules available 24/7); and FIT Webinars (discussions of timely topics important to clinicians).

“When we have breakthroughs—whether on the product side, or the business side—we want to relay that information quickly to our clinician partners,” states Coryn Olpin, director of FIT, in the release. “FIT is our one-stop platform created to educate, engage and support our customers.”

[Source(s): Freedom Innovations, Business Wire]