Robotic rehabilitation device manufacturer Hocoma celebrates 17 years in business and the recent sale of its 2,500th device.

“We are excited so many medical facilities around the globe have put their faith in us,” says Executive Vice President Frank Menzler, in a news release from the Swiss-based company, with US headquarters in Norwell, Mass.

“Neurological disorders afflict thousands of people each year, and Hocoma’s Total Solution Portfolio can help these patients recover faster and with better long-term outcomes,” Menzler adds. “Other than larger hospitals, increasingly smaller outpatient clinics install these devices, not only because of the clinical benefits seen but also because of increased patient satisfaction and patient demand.”

Hocoma’s product portfolio includes those for intensive gait therapy (Lokomat, Andago), functional therapy of the upper extremities (Armeo), robotic mobilization and functional electrical stimulation in early rehabilitation (Erigo), and functional movement therapy within low back pain treatment (Valedo Therapy Concept) at home and at the clinic, the release notes.

[Source(s); Hocoma, Business Wire]