Combining care to create a more comprehensive approach can be of great benefit to patients. Doctors can learn things faster, and patients have fewer points of contact. The same is true for those who need mobility solutions. By using the same provider for CRT and their urological needs, there are benefits that can help improve their care and most importantly, quality of living.

Lesley Phelan Dally, MSSW, CCM, former case manager at Craig Hospital, has been helping patients with mobility issues for more than 10 years, and has seen first hand the benefits of getting all parties together from the upfront.

“Working with a single-source provider for such intimate medical supplies and mobility products allows the client, clinician, therapist and provider to collaborate in the decision-making process, resulting in improved patient adherence to their plan of care,” shared Dally.

At the end of the day, making things easier on the patient so that they stay healthy is what it is all about. By involving the patient and getting the right people at the table, an effective plan is just around the corner. Learn more about how this relationship dynamic between health providers can benefit patients by downloading the white paper form the button below.