The Amputee Coalition reports that its Facebook page and new 2014 edition of First Step: A Guide for Adapting to Limb Loss, were recently awarded the 2014 APREX Award of Excellence. The APEX Awards are designed to recognize publication excellence and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence.

In a recent news release from the Coalition, Susan Stout, interim CEO and president of the Coalition, emphasizes the organization’s pride, “We are extremely proud of the national recognition given to our premier publication, First Step, and also our Facebook page. Both provide much-needed peer support to the limb loss community.”

The release notes that First Step is published by the National Limb Loss Resource Center. It is intended to meet the needs of individuals who have experienced a recent limb loss and their caregivers.

The Coalition’s Facebookpage, facilitated by Peggy Chenoweth, has developed into a virtual peer support group for amputees and their families.

Source: Amputee Coalition