In a recent news release, Span-America, headquartered in Greenville, SC, introduced the newest addition to its PressureGuard series of specialty air therapy surfaces. The release notes that the PressureGuard Protocol offers high-performance microclimate technology, indicated for excessive skin moisture resulting from perspiration.

The PressureGuard Protocol’s patented direct delivery cover is designed to ensure a gentle flow of air beneath the user from the cooler-operating control unit. The skin is protected by uninterrupted airflow directly to the underside of the product’s vapor-permeable, fluid-proof coverlet, where it interacts with moisture from the user’s skin, the release says. Moisture vapor is then swept away before it can re-form as liquid, reducing maceration. The product’s Air Diffusion Matrix fabric is not collapsed by the user’s weight and offers a constant flow of air beneath the user, according to the release.

Additionally, the release states the new Protocol surface provides several features that include gentle alternating pressure therapy to promote improved circulation and health, and powered flotation treatment modes, which provide additional surface stability for ADLs, transfers, and feeding.

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[Source: Span-America Medical Systems Inc]