TalentWorks,” recently launched by the US Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), is a free online tool to help employers and human resources professionals ensure accessibility in their web-based applications and other recruiting technologies for people with disabilities.

The tool was created by ODEP’s Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology in response to a recent survey of persons with disabilities, in which 46% of respondents rated their last experience applying for a position online as “difficult to impossible,” explains a media release from the US Department of Labor.

Included within “TalentWorks” is general background on accessibility and e-Recruiting, as well as practical tip sheets for making online job applications, digital interviews, pre-employment tests, and resume upload programs accessible.

“The US Department of Labor is committed to helping employers improve their recruitment and hiring processes. With resources like TalentWorks, employers can build a diverse, more inclusive workforce by ensuring their organization’s virtual door is open to everyone,” states Deputy Secretary of Labor Chris Lu, in the release.

[Source: US Department of Labor]