The Quickie Q7 from Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, features 7000 Series Aluminum and ShapeLoc Technology, resulting in a product that is lighter and stronger than titanium, offers better performance, and sleek style at an aluminum price, says a statement released by the company.  

A fully loaded configuration of the Q7 can weigh just 14 pounds, via technology that increases overall rigidity without compromising weight, says the statement. Each element on the chair was analyzed and evaluated to provide high performace and weight savings in the frame, backposts, footrest, and caster housing.

The chair features ovalized tubing in the axle plate and caster housing to decrease frame flex, thus increasing overall rigidity. More than 20 colors can be blended onto the Q7 components in almost any combination including frame, sideguards, and backposts.

The company urges people to enter its contest to win a new Q7 by telling their story. The featured Q7 user in September is Cameron Irwin, whose photos and video are shown on the site.

Sunrise Medical designs and manufactures medical products that address the recovery and rehabilitation mobility and seating needs of patients in institutional and home care settings. Its products are distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

[Source: Sunrise Medical]