Span-America Medical Systems has re-launched its e-learning education and training website, featuring simplified access and expanded content for both clinical education and product training. In a company news release, Span-America Medical notes that the site’s self-study training modules do not require special links, passwords or sign-in, and can be viewed within two clicks of arriving at For larger, multifacility customers, the company also offers customized product-specific training.

In the release, Kathy Whittington, RN, MS, CWCN, a course developer and instructor and Span-America manager of Clinical Support, says the new, more accessible training curriculum is being provided in response to evolving customer preferences and to streamline the digital pathway to important information. The site’s series of e-learning modules are designed to use authoritative visual material including an animated video to inform and educate; supporting support caregivers, clinicians, and decision-makers in long-term care and across the healthcare spectrum.

Whittington adds that the first two modules in the series provide an overview of the persistent problem of pressure management and its causes, “showing how to recognize the NPUAP (National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel) pressure ulcer stages. We are also developing a growing library of modules which identify the recommended intervention technology for prevention and/or treatment….”

To further assist clinicians and customers, solutions from the company’s pressure management product series are then recommended.

The modules include recommended solutions for pressure management issues that vary from foam to gel mattress overlays to multilayered anatomically-calibrated reactive foam surfaces and a variety of powered surfaces with active therapies, the release says.

Photo Credit: Span-America Medical Systems

Source: Span-America Medical Systems