ossur-vacA new prosthetic product available through Össur aims to offer users the security of vacuum suspension without the sensation and restriction of a sleeve.

The Unity Sleeveless Vacuum system is engineered to address volume function and is compatible with Flex-Foot Technology. Key features of the product include its design, intended to provide quick and easy to achieve/release vacuum, and an independent pump to offer shock function. Össur notes that the product is lightweight, weighing 130 grams.

The system’s design is also unique, Össur says, thanks to its capacity to create distal vacuum, helping to stabilize soft tissue volume and maintain more effective suspension. The company adds that the design is also intended to minimize the risk or proximal vacuum leakage and the puncture issues linked to conventional “above-knee” vacuum methods.

For more information, visit www.ossur.com.

[Source: Össur]