sunriseSunrise Medical, Fresno, Calif, recently spotlighted its new business service Compatibility Assurance, intended to ensure inspection of orders to confirm seating and mobility base compatibility prior to the items leaving the manufacturing facility.

The company notes that through this service, customers can order a mobility base and seating system on one order. The company will then issue one invoice, tie the shipments’ tracking numbers together, and inspect the order for compatibility between the seating system and the mobility base prior to it leaving the plant.

The inspection is designed to ensure the hardware mounts properly, that no interference occurs between the seating system and wheelchair components, and that the seating system is not over- or under-sized when compared to the mobility base. Sunrise notes that if an interference is pinpointed, the customer will be contacted immediately in order to determine a solution.

“By assembling the seating products and mobility base before shipping, we’re preventing what could cause a significant delay in getting the products to the consumer. Trying to remedy a product incompatibility is much simpler when a manufacturing associate has the products in front of them than when the products are hundreds of miles away,” explains Tim Morrison, Sunrise Medical, product manager for Compatibility Assurance.

Sunrise Medical reports that the service is also designed to ensure that in the event the mobility base and seating system are not compatible upon customer receipt, it will have the corrected part in the supplier’s hand by next business day. To meet the next business day commitment, Sunrise Medical states that customer service must be notified of the issue prior to 10 am PST.

[Source: Sunrise Medical]