Complex Rehab Technology company Rehab Medical launches its new website, which features a new message and a reinforced focus on customer service, patient mobility, independence, and overall well-being.

“Our everyday focus is to provide expertise and efficient, individualized attention to the many stakeholders that are involved in the arduous process of providing advanced medical equipment,” says Kevin Gearheart, president of Rehab Medical, in a media release.

“The newly rethought website provides enriched resources for our patients, their caregivers, and the medical professionals we work with on a daily basis,” he adds.

Created with the stakeholders’ user experience in mind, the website helps guide visitors through the health insurance process as it relates to complex rehab technology and provides an overview of unmatched customer experience. It also features informational resources regarding collaboration with healthcare professionals, dedication to local and personalized service, and evaluation of individual patient needs, according to the company.

Rehab Medical, which operates in 20 metro markets, works directly with medical professionals and insurance providers from prescription to delivery on products such as complex and pediatric rehab equipment, standard mobility equipment, and wound care products.

[Source: Rehab Medical]